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Von Dominik Moosmann

Playing the Long Game: Winning Strategies and Tips for Achieving Financial Freedom and Wealth

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The dream of wealth is perhaps one of the most common dreams of all. It is often said that money stands for freedom, influence, happiness and success. And money also can make you attractive and desirable in many different ways.

Have you voluntarily turned to this book because you find the title appealing? Because you dream of becoming rich and want to pursue the strategies necessary to achieve your goal of financial independence?

The fascination with and curiosity about money has existed for millennia. But can you do things today to help make yourself wealthy? If course you can! Just by reading this book you are already dealing with the concept of wealth and the inevitable question that follows: “How do I become rich?”

Here are nine points. Please try to connect all of them with only four straight lines without lifting your finger off the page.


To solve the problem, you have to think beyond just the lines. A mind that continues to be enhanced by new and challenging ideas will continue to thrive and expand, especially when it is focused on financial freedom and wealth.

Unless you inherit money or win the lottery, there is no magical, easy or quick way to achieve wealth. Fortunately, more than one road leads to Rome.

And like the roads to Rome, there are rules that you need to follow and obstacles that you need to overcome on your journey to achieving financial freedom. And as you will see throughout this book, I make learning the important rules exciting and fun and not dry and overly technical.

Although tough money matters are addressed in this book, I am confident that you will enjoy and learn a great deal as you read, contemplate, understand and analyze the necessary issues, ideas and concepts that are critical to obtaining wealth.

In this book, you will read about my past “poor me” and my present “rich me.” Believe it or not, for a long while, I had a poor money “consciousness.”

It took much time and effort, but eventually I was able to free myself from this poor state of mind. And because of my own personal advancement, which I painstakingly have worked at over the years, my acquired knowledge and experiences proved instrumental in my ability to write this book.

If you follow my instructions and recommendations, you can almost certainly learn to think “beyond the lines” and sharpen your awareness of money and wealth.

As with many important things in life, building wealth takes time and patience. Moreover, a financial rethinking may be required. But from the very beginning of this book and with each chapter that you read, you will put yourself one step closer to having your dream of achieving wealth see reality.

On that note, you are now ready to let this book help lead you down the road to prosperity!


While recounting part of the author’s life story from his early childhood in Communist Russia to his adult life in Germany, Playing the Long Game provides a basic and ideal introduction to personal financial management and responsibility.

With timeless tips and strategies about important topics such as saving and investing money, creating a budget and avoiding bad debt, the author will inspire you to achieve your goals, fulfill your dreams and meaningfully improve your current situation as you move forward on the road to wealth creation, financial freedom and success.

Written in a personal, easy and fun manner, Playing the Long Game will no doubt leave you with a refreshing perspective when it comes to seeing and understanding life’s big financial picture as it relates to you.


Playing the Long Game: Winning Strategies and Tips for Achieving Financial Freedom and Wealth

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